What is the difference between Sun City and Del Webb?

Both companies design and build 55+ communities. There are some significant differences between Sun City and Del Webb that home buyers should consider when choosing a retirement community. Taking a look at these differences can help you decide what kind of active adult lifestyle you want to live and which community is right for you.

One of the biggest differences between Sun City and Del Webb is location. While many of the larger Sun City communities are located in major cities. The majority of the Del Webb community portfolio is built in a variety of locations across the country.

While both companies have a reputation for building large and luxurious retirement communities. They also offer more intimate options for people looking to downsize. This is because they tend to have fewer homes than other developers. Which can make them less expensive to build and maintain.

Sun City is a Little Larger

Another big difference between Del Webb and Sun City is the types of amenities they offer. Those who are more focused on physical health and want to spend more time in the community. May prefer the amenities of a Del Webb community. Which often have less golf courses and more indoor group fitness classes than their Sun City counterparts.

What is the difference between Sun City and Del Webb

The most notable of these amenities is golf, but Del Webb also offers a wide range of other activities including walking trails, swimming pools, and tennis courts. They also have a number of clubhouses and special interest groups where residents can find like-minded individuals to share their passion with.

In addition, they also have shopping centers and Village Centers where you can shop for the daily necessities of life. These can include groceries, pharmacies, banks, restaurants, salons, and other services.

Both Sun City and Del Webb also offer a variety of activities that are geared towards a specific age group or interest. For example, Sun City West in Phoenix is a great place for retirees who love the outdoors and want to stay active. Its central location means you’ll have easy access to Arrowhead Mall, Challenger Space Center, the West Valley Art Museum, Wildlife World Zoo and Arizona State University-West.

Del Webb is More Intimate

It’s worth noting that Del Webb has recently opened more intimate communities in areas closer to major employment centers. This is in response to the broader trend of Baby Boomers who still want to work after retirement.

The company.s newest communities are in areas such as Durham, North Carolina (Carolina Arbors) and Albuquerque, New Mexico. These communities are built on smaller, more manageable plots of land than their predecessors, so they have more room for the type of amenities that Del Webb is promoting.

The Difference Between Sun City and Del Webb

These new developments are also a bit more suburban in appearance, with garage-fronted single-family houses on self-contained streets. It’s a departure from the more dense, walk able communities of old, but it also offers an alternative to those who want a more traditional retirement community.